This Is What I Think, {censored}

Saturday, January 14, 2012

  This animation is the result of locking myself in my studio for about 4 days straight. Seriously, I animated nonstop and then I payed for it with my health. I guess Haribo Gummi bears, energy drinks and chili cheese fritos are bad for your immune system. Psshhh, if Lindsay Lohan can do it...
   The idea for this video had been rolling around in the brain attic for a few semesters. An instructor showed me an animation called "Who I Am and What I Want" by Chris Sheppard and David Shrigley and boom, my mind exploded with what I think. So I thought to myself maybe other people would be interested in what I think. {Feedback has shown that people are moderately interested in what I think, which} 

 Storyboards{follow right to left}. My next storyboards will be digital, I promise you, Photoshop.
Prior to this animation my only experience in Flash had been frame by frame walk cycles so I was basically learning the program as I went along. Contrary to my prior beliefs, Flash is amazing. I felt like I was in the movie Inception. I put animations in symbols in animated symbols animated into many layers. So deep {soo deep}. Inception. I became so delirious over those 4 days I think Leonardo Dicaprio actually showed up to animate a scene so I could take a nap. Anywho, this is my most precious animation to date. My favorite child out of all my children. I'm also particularly proud of the fact that I stayed  true to my storyboards/original vision. Enjoy!


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