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Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello innernette,
    Well, it has been half a year since I have posted anything, which is a damn shame, but I'm back. Ready to shoot my load (of drawings) into the dark womb of the webz. Between being mommy, wife, & student, I became overwhelmed and had to take a breather. I got to a point where all I could think about was going to a cabin in the woods and staying for months and just painting until I was done hibernating. Well, I sure as hell can't go to a cabin but I decided to interpret this reoccurring daydream as my soul telling me that something needed to go. So here I am on a break from school, just being housewife-ish and whatnot. The best part is I get to draw. All. Night. Long. I have been doing a lot of it over the past few weeks and I also have some dope ideas brewing on the back burner. Stay tuned. For now,  I can give you a lil sneaky peek.
A WIP of a housewarming gift for a friend.

A progress pic of a piece that  is a part of a series that I would looove to show in a gallery one day.  Oh, daydreams.

This was part of a collaboration I did with another artist that really inspires me. He chickened out before we even really got started, so I got to go crazy with this. 

That sexy grin!
A WIP of another piece from the series. 

A WIP of a housewarming gift for another friend that is a superdope artist &a great inspiration.

Well, that's all I can give you for now. Keep your eyes open. oh, btw, I instagram a lot of doodles &drawings. {ROSHI_K} holler.

What I Wore/Jan.16

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Am I tripping & falling or am I really excited about something &dancing like a fool? Knowing me it is a combination of both.

Gnomon and Me on a Couch

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

That's the devil. 
A little birdie told me that I have access to Gnomon videos because of my student status. I starting watching the first 6 minutes of Sang Jun Lee's Creature and Character tutorials last night and then my fingers took off. Sang Jun Lee is pretty good. I need to work on  my creatures and non-human forms, so I began by sketching bug faces. Once I drew the devil , I just wanted to draw more creepy characters.  I asked Dane {the HubBub}to give me random jobs to draw. Miner, Ringleader, Submarine Captain, & Deli Lady were his replies. Oh,& insomniac officer worker {he's the one under the desk}.
{USN}:Dane was watching a documentary about beavers while I was sketching and I looked up to see a beautiful, clear river on the television. I declared that I wanted to go fly fishing. I think all of the rivers in CenTex are dry so I had to settle for a drawing.
Watercolors for breakfast. I added the color this morning.

Summer Camp{music} x roshi

Sunday, January 15, 2012

  Back to school. I thought I would be bitter that I had to leave my bed home alone, but I'm not. I bumped into quite a few people that kind of got my gears rolling. I feel supercharged. I could draw the entire ocean. I live too far from the coast so I'm revisiting old pieces that tickled my fancy the first time around.
  Well, look what I found. I remember watching a documentary about marine life and I was mesmerized by the motion in the octopus' legs. Then I thought of Ursula from Little Mermaid {probably my favorite Disney villain}. I think they should have made her pretty in both forms, why did the witch always have to be hideous in the old movies? I'll tell you why: a bad diet. They were always eating the weirdest concoctions and soups.

Octochick. Not related to Octocat.

What I Wore on a particular day in November

Sometimes I wear an outfit that I like so much I have to sketch it out. I don't really know why but I'm sure it may be my secret passion for fashion.
Clearly, this is from November 28, 2011. Sooo last year.

Random Treats

So I am trying to install 3DS Max on my computers and it is not cooperating. So to kill time and frustration, I'm looking for things to work on. I found these gems collecting digital dust inside the hard drive.
These are bookmarks that I made as the final project for my Typography class. We had to design a font and then a product for it to go on. So I decided to go hands on and make these book marks using cardstock, brads, and ribbon.

Random as it gets. I found this hiding in the back of my hard drive. {copic markers and regular markers.}

This Is What I Think, {censored}

Saturday, January 14, 2012

  This animation is the result of locking myself in my studio for about 4 days straight. Seriously, I animated nonstop and then I payed for it with my health. I guess Haribo Gummi bears, energy drinks and chili cheese fritos are bad for your immune system. Psshhh, if Lindsay Lohan can do it...
   The idea for this video had been rolling around in the brain attic for a few semesters. An instructor showed me an animation called "Who I Am and What I Want" by Chris Sheppard and David Shrigley and boom, my mind exploded with what I think. So I thought to myself maybe other people would be interested in what I think. {Feedback has shown that people are moderately interested in what I think, which} 

 Storyboards{follow right to left}. My next storyboards will be digital, I promise you, Photoshop.
Prior to this animation my only experience in Flash had been frame by frame walk cycles so I was basically learning the program as I went along. Contrary to my prior beliefs, Flash is amazing. I felt like I was in the movie Inception. I put animations in symbols in animated symbols animated into many layers. So deep {soo deep}. Inception. I became so delirious over those 4 days I think Leonardo Dicaprio actually showed up to animate a scene so I could take a nap. Anywho, this is my most precious animation to date. My favorite child out of all my children. I'm also particularly proud of the fact that I stayed  true to my storyboards/original vision. Enjoy!