Summer Camp{music} x roshi

Sunday, January 15, 2012

  Back to school. I thought I would be bitter that I had to leave my bed home alone, but I'm not. I bumped into quite a few people that kind of got my gears rolling. I feel supercharged. I could draw the entire ocean. I live too far from the coast so I'm revisiting old pieces that tickled my fancy the first time around.
  Well, look what I found. I remember watching a documentary about marine life and I was mesmerized by the motion in the octopus' legs. Then I thought of Ursula from Little Mermaid {probably my favorite Disney villain}. I think they should have made her pretty in both forms, why did the witch always have to be hideous in the old movies? I'll tell you why: a bad diet. They were always eating the weirdest concoctions and soups.

Octochick. Not related to Octocat.


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