Colored People #2

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'm such an art hoarder. These are from a few months ago. I had just watched Henry & June for the first time, hence the quotes from the movie all over the page. I don't own any of Anais Nin's books, but they are on my wishlist. I admire the hell out of her spunk. Anywho, back to le art.
My favorite ones are the disagreeing couple in the middle and the fuchsia ghost in the  top center.

A page of ghosts. Love the crimson stretcher and the cerulean dasher.
I made these little silhouettes by loading the brush and just going on instinct. I would picture a pose in my head, cut out the positive space and boom! thar she blows. Speaking of blows, next time I get jiggy with the watercolors I may bring a straw. The outlines were done with various ink nibs. For the record, I absolutely love those quotes. :)

Colored People #1

My favorite wet media is watercolor. I wouldn't say that I'm a master at it, but I know how to go with the flow {get it? cause, ya know. watercolors. :| } So here are three little pieces I did one night while messing around, mixing colors just for the fun of it. 
city sapphire

green california dream

red coats are so becoming.

Still nothing...

I hate these times. The times where my hands want to move, but I'm clogged. So much to massage around the ol' brain tissue. It's like a mental priapism, being so creatively charged but release is completely out of the question. Business first...
  In the meantime, this is a little piece I finished for the Unearthed Expo. The india ink lines have been finished for a few months, but the color is steaming fresh { was 3 weeks ago.} Enjoy! :)
Frown Mower
india ink and copic marker

These are the india ink lines for the next piece. Color will be done in Photoshop.

oh. yes. Happy Turkey Black Friday.

Paradise Kinetic Text

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Here is another Motion Graphics assignment. I had a lot of fun doing this one. This is my favorite scene from one of my favorite movies, Closer. I love this scene because it is the perfect portrayal of one of the aspects of male and female relations. I'm no feminist, {I would never burn my bras because Victoria doesn't make cheap secrets} but I think women have more power than both sexes realize. The kind of power that should be called Pussy Power.  Every man won't be taken asunder by every pussy, but every man has at least one woman that could virtually take hold of his balls and make him say "uncle" {and he would love it}. Be it his mother, his girlfriend, his wife, his infatuation, a stripper, etc, etc. Gay men are not excluded. Even homosexual men admire/have admired at least one woman in the course of a lifetime. {Hello? Gaga is a prime example} A strip club is the perfect instance of pussy power at work. Picture this: At the start of the evening, a man walks into an establishment with wads of cash in his pocket. He is dressed in his finest clothes and wearing his most sensual cologne. The dancers sniff him out like a pack of wild Amazon huntresses and make a beeline for him and his fat pockets. From his POV, women are crawling all over him because he is not only a man but "THE Man". In actuality, these women only need to say, do and shake whatever he wants, and then boom, it's theirs. All of his hard earned cash flows directly from his pocket and falls in between the cracks of a gyrating vixen. Transaction complete, thanks to a tiny g-string and exposed mammary glands{mummy, is that you?}.  But when a man doesn't get what he wants, what happens? Temper tantrums, violence, wars, so on. Does this mean that if women put out more, there would be less wars because all the men would be sated? Perhaps, but we will never know because women are stingy and the world is full of cock blockers. Really. 

And here is the Paradise Suite kinetic text. {Enjoy.}

Tim and Eric Promo Spot

If you know me, you know that I have a huge soft spot for the bizarre television show Tim and Eric Awesome Show : Great Job. So, naturally, when one of my Motion Graphics assignments was to create a television commercial I immediately knew I was going to do one for T&E. I thought of it as a way to give back to the guys that have given me so many laughs. Here it is:

Hope you laughed.