Gnomon and Me on a Couch

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

That's the devil. 
A little birdie told me that I have access to Gnomon videos because of my student status. I starting watching the first 6 minutes of Sang Jun Lee's Creature and Character tutorials last night and then my fingers took off. Sang Jun Lee is pretty good. I need to work on  my creatures and non-human forms, so I began by sketching bug faces. Once I drew the devil , I just wanted to draw more creepy characters.  I asked Dane {the HubBub}to give me random jobs to draw. Miner, Ringleader, Submarine Captain, & Deli Lady were his replies. Oh,& insomniac officer worker {he's the one under the desk}.
{USN}:Dane was watching a documentary about beavers while I was sketching and I looked up to see a beautiful, clear river on the television. I declared that I wanted to go fly fishing. I think all of the rivers in CenTex are dry so I had to settle for a drawing.
Watercolors for breakfast. I added the color this morning.


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