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Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello innernette,
    Well, it has been half a year since I have posted anything, which is a damn shame, but I'm back. Ready to shoot my load (of drawings) into the dark womb of the webz. Between being mommy, wife, & student, I became overwhelmed and had to take a breather. I got to a point where all I could think about was going to a cabin in the woods and staying for months and just painting until I was done hibernating. Well, I sure as hell can't go to a cabin but I decided to interpret this reoccurring daydream as my soul telling me that something needed to go. So here I am on a break from school, just being housewife-ish and whatnot. The best part is I get to draw. All. Night. Long. I have been doing a lot of it over the past few weeks and I also have some dope ideas brewing on the back burner. Stay tuned. For now,  I can give you a lil sneaky peek.
A WIP of a housewarming gift for a friend.

A progress pic of a piece that  is a part of a series that I would looove to show in a gallery one day.  Oh, daydreams.

This was part of a collaboration I did with another artist that really inspires me. He chickened out before we even really got started, so I got to go crazy with this. 

That sexy grin!
A WIP of another piece from the series. 

A WIP of a housewarming gift for another friend that is a superdope artist &a great inspiration.

Well, that's all I can give you for now. Keep your eyes open. oh, btw, I instagram a lot of doodles &drawings. {ROSHI_K} holler.


4scoreand7 said...

Very glad to see you're still gracing paper with your presence, Mrs. K. I desperately need another animated installment of the world of Roshi, stat!

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